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Club RTL, the place for culture

Published on 29 January 2016

Starting on Sunday at 22:30, Club Culture is Club RTL new atypical and informal programme. Presented by Eric Russon, the journalist will meet with a famous guest every week to discuss current topics.

The premise of Club Culture is simple, yet innovative: Eric Russon takes a walk with an artist, sit at a café terrace, in a theatre, or by a place filled with memories to talk about what’s new. But that’s not all: with the help of his team – the journalist will introduce thought – provoking topics of the current Belgian cultural landscape to the discussion. Viewers will never get bored with the variety of guests, since every creative sector will be represented: actors, singers, dancers, but also writers, journalists, cartoonists, and even sports personalities will be invited.

But Club Culture is not merely a cultural TV show. It also serves to promote the website az-za.be, wholly dedicated to Belgian creation and creators since January 2015. In the space of one year, the website has come to include over 400 snippets, short articles and exclusive videos that cover different areas: fine arts of course, but also cinema, music, literature, as well as dance, theatre and graphic novels. The platform offers topical content, but also more timeless portraits of artists, cultural spaces and artworks, as well as captivating content relating to creativity.


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