The Management Committee

  • Philippe Delusinne

    Chief Executive Officer

    Philippe Delusinne was born in Renaix. After a spell at the helm of Young & Rubicam, he took up the position of CEO at RTL Belgium on 15 March 2002.

  • Laurence Vandenbrouck

    General Counsel - Chairwoman of the Ethics Committee

    Laurence Vandenbrouck is a law graduate specialised in media and ICT law. She started her career as an Attaché at the Walloon Ministry for Technological Development and Research, in the Multimedia department. She then worked as legal adviser for the Higher Audio-visual Council, before joining RTL Belgium in 2002.

  • Guy Rouvroi

    Chief Financial Officer

    After working in the banking world for two years and as a company auditor for ten years with two consultancy firms, he joined RTL in 1996 as Financial Director for RTL Belgium and progressively all of its subsidiaries.

  • Sandrine Gobbesso

    TV General Manager

    Liège-born Sandrine Gobbesso launched her career as Financial Auditor after studying Management Engineering. Having worked in sales for 5 years, she moved to Human Resources. Since 2007, she has been in charge of Human resources at RTL Belgium and chairs the FEBELAV. She is appointed as TV General Manager in 2018.

  • Erwin Lapraille

    Radios General Manager

  • Denis Masquelier

    General Manager IP Belgium

    Denis Masquelier is originally from Liège. He started his career at RTL in September 1991 and has held the position of IP Belgium General Director since 1 January 2009.

  • Laurent Haulotte

    News Director

    Laurent Haulotte was born in Ottignies. He started his career at RTL as a journalist and was the station's newsreader for 11 years. Today, he is News Director.

  • Didier Lefèvre

    Strategic Business Development Director

    Didier Lefèvre is originally from Namur. He started his career at IP Belgium in 1993 before becoming Marketing Director at IP Paris in 1999. Since 2011, he has been Strategic Business Development Director at RTL Belgium.

  • Stéphane Geerts

    Human Resources Director

    Stéphane Geerts was born in Brussels and started his career at RTL in 1984, where he has been Director of General Services since 2001. At the same time, he holds the position of Vice President of Internal Services with the RTL Group in Luxembourg. He is appointed as Human Resources Director in 2018.

  • Christopher Barzal

    Corporate & Media Relations Director