Our commitments

In line with the sense of corporate responsibility common to the entire RTL group at European level, RTL Belgium displays strong social commitment.

RTL Belgium is intent on playing an active role in the community, as a company, as a media outlet and as an employer.

In Belgium, RTL’s main and most symbolic commitment is the Télévie. Since 1989, RTL has been organising this huge charity operation for the FNRS (Funds for Scientific Research). The Télévie raises funds to support scientific research in the fight against cancer and leukaemia in children and adults. Each spring, the closing night of the Télévie is broadcast spring on RTL-TVi and has become a highly-awaited television moment involving everyone in the group.

RTL Belgium is also heavily involved with the Red Cross. Staff members are encouraged to give blood twice a year and RTL frequently takes part in Red Cross emergency actions such as the April 2015 Nepalese earthquake, during which RTL teams sprang into action to collect funds for the victims of the disaster.

RTL Belgium is also heavily committed to the environment. Apart from harmonious waste management and systematic use of recycling, RTL House is equipped with 480 photovoltaic panels. Every year, a Green Day is organised within the organisation.

A proactive mobility policy is also implemented via car-sharing actions and the promotion of cycling and public transport, in partnership with the relevant Brussels institutions.