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The Good Life
RTL Belgium offers a bright, modern and pleasant working environment, both at RTL House (located in Brussels) and in the shared workspaces we offer in Liège and Charleroi. Meeting rooms, relaxation rooms (equipped with a football table) and coffee areas help make RTL House a friendly place, allowing for relaxation, meeting and the development of team spirit. Because teleworking offers both timesaving and flexibility, RTL Belgium also has a work from home policy and provides its employees with the necessary tools and technology.
As part of its commitment to a more sustainable society, RTL Belgium has implemented a proactive mobility policy. The company promotes carpooling and the use of car alternatives in the city. In this context, it covers 100% of the public transport subscription for home-work trips. RTL House has parking for bicycles and electric cars. A Villos bike share terminal is installed nearby. RTL provides custom-built cargo bikes for journalists and camera crew to get around town and offers all the necessary facilities, including showers and changing rooms.
To meet the need of employees to develop their skills and adapt to new developments in their professions, a lot of resources have been invested in recent years in e-learning, the success of which is now well established. Since 2017, RTL Belgium employees have had access to the Peoplenet training platform, which makes the LinkedIn Learning training catalogue available to all employees of the Bertelsmann group. It offers a wide range of training (technical / IT, soft skills, creativity, sales, etc.) in video / tutorial format in several languages. We also benefit from having an extensive network of partners who can provide our employees and teams with expert, tailor-made training.
Sharing Knowledge
Founded in 2011 on the initiative of human resources, the RTL Forums are the ideal environment to share ideas, projects and news, with one clear objective: to discover and learn! The RTL Forums aim to bring people together and invite all staff members to talks organized during the lunch break. Since 2011, dozens of speakers have addressed a wide range of topics: digital developments, ecology, stress and even marketing. In-house experts or knowledgeable guests, the idea is always to share knowledge. Exchange, interaction and learning are the watchwords of these talks.
Because the advantages of playing sport are numerous (well-being, concentration, etc.), RTL Belgium provides its employees with a gym and a professional coach. Many other sports initiatives also exist: a community of joggers, Corporate Hockey, 20 kms of Brussels for the benefit of Télévie, etc. Beyond health, the practice of sport is also an excellent communication tool that brings employees together. Twice a month, RTL Belgium employees can register for a shiatsu massage session. The company pays 1/3 of the price to encourage its employees to use this traditional Japanese pressure point massage that can offer many advantages.
Eating Healthy
At RTL Belgium, we want the lunch break to be a real moment of leisure for employees and, for this to work, the environment must be conducive to relaxation. RTL Belgium has worked with Sodexo for almost 20 years and we are careful to meet the expectations of our employees and our visitors. Since 2018, we have been offering more health-oriented and contemporary styled menu options.
Every year, RTL is a partner of numerous shows and concerts and thus joins forces with some of the biggest names in the music scene. Thanks to the "Seaters" platform, RTL allows all employees to have a complete overview of the upcoming events and, above all, to participate in them! In 2018, no less than 7,500 places were offered to employees. As entertainment is part of RTL Belgium's promise and the family spirit a part of its values, this naturally results in a "fun" working atmosphere and many opportunities to nurture it, both between employees and with our audiences.


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RTL has many fascinating and sometimes lesser-known job functions. We invite you to discover some of them through the testimony of professionals working within RTL Belgium. Discover the many different facets of our profession thanks to these videos. It is also a great opportunity to take a look behind the scenes and explore the work environment from the comfort of your own home!
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Producteur Exécutif
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Radio TCR


RTL Belgium owes its success to a simple formula that has proved its worth: inform and entertain by creating a real bond with its audience. Much more than programmes, we create emotions. Our mission is expressed under the motto “For you. With you. Passionately.”


Family Spirit
RTL Belgium is above all a matter of emotions. And we are committed to doing things together. At RTL Belgium, we say hello to each other. The exchanges at the coffee machine are sacred. We take pleasure in sharing. We work while having fun. We live together the emotions of everyday life. We’re more than a team, we’re a family.
Creativity is central to our profession, in our projects and in our everyday interactions. Within RTL Belgium we create and think out of the box. The only limitations are those of our imagination. Together we try and we learn.
At RTL Belgium, we are fully aware that we work first and foremost for our audiences and we are committed to achieving our goal. We evolve at the rate of their needs and expectations. The trust they place in us is our greatest reward.


RTL Belgium is part of RTL Group. A leader in broadcasting, content and digital, RTL Group holds stakes in more than sixty television channels, various streaming platforms and radio stations, as well as in production companies around the world and in digital video companies in high increase.