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For us at RTL Belgium, solidarity always goes hand in hand with Télévie, but there is more! We are well aware of our social role, and so every year we help and support voluntary organizations, charities and political agency initiatives that promote topics of general interest that we wish to inform the public about. Because together we are stronger!
Because there is strength in difference, both in our recruitment process and in our content, we want to reflect the full richness of society, without blind spots or stereotypes, in everything we do. The initiatives put in place by our company and our brands, or that we support, illustrate our commitment to more diversity and less discrimination, and they naturally fall within the framework of our mission "For you. With you. Passionately."
The ambition of RTL Belgium in the field of the environment and sustainable entrepreneurship is in line with the aspiration set by Bertelsmann to be a climate neutral company by 2030. In practice, this means that, in addition to harmonious waste management and systematic recycling, we have equipped RTL House with 480 solar panels. We apply a proactive policy of sustainable mobility. Every year, we also organize numerous initiatives with our brands to make both our employees and our public aware of the importance of reducing our ecological footprint.